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Central Auditory Processing Disorders (CAPD)

CAPD is a delay or disorder in the central auditory system's ability to process sound. Often mistaken for attention deficit disorder, children or adults may present symptoms such as inability to concentrate or discern speech in background noise, distractibility, reduced auditory memory, need for frequent repetition of spoken instruction, difficulty with musical or intonation patterns, as well as speech production delays. Audiology By the Sound PLLC provides diagnostic services for CAPD but also emphasizes the importance of utilizing a therapy plan to address each child's specific needs. Your child will complete a comprehensive test of the peripheral and central auditory system, you will be provided detailed interpretation of the diagnosis and it's implications for your child's daily function. Our counseling includes generous time to address your questions; in addition, we provide recommendations and specific examples for therapy as well as reports for your child's speech-language pathologist, pediatricians, ENT, developmental psychologists, and educational consultation when school services are needed. Following implementation of a structured therapy plan we remain available for follow-up testing to monitor improvement.

Among other specialized training and experience, Jennifer Auer, Au.D., F-AAA, CCC-A, has extensive knowledge of speech acoustics, perception and production, has conducted studies in these areas as well as independent research in the speech perception and production of children who use Cochlear Implants as a Graduate Research Fellow at Southern Connecticut State University. Jennifer Auer has received specialized training not only in the diagnosis of CAPD, but also in hands on therapy provided through Southern Connecticut State University's Center for Communication Disorders.

Jennifer Auer has worked as a pediatric audiologist and member of the cochlear implant team at SUNY StonyBrook University Hospital after training at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital's Cochlear Implant Center and Yale-New Haven Hospital's pediatric Audiology department. In addition, she has conducted multiple studies in speech acoustics, perception and production through the research foundation at SUNY StonyBrook Universtiy Linguistics department, an independent study in the speech perception and production of children who use cochlear implants as a Graduate Research Fellow at Southern Connecticut State University, as well as other independent projects in speech acoustics, perception and processing.

She holds the Doctor of Audiology degree from Pennsylvania School of Optometry's School of Audiology (Au.D.). F-AAA Indicates Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology, through which Dr. Auer is Board Certified in Audiology. CCC-A is the American Speech-Language Hearing Association Certificat of Clinical Compmetence in Audiology.