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Pediatric Audiology

Kids who have hearing loss need special care in choosing amplification options, assistive listening devices, and in prioritizing safely and unobtrusively aiding in development of speech and communication skills. Jennifer Auer, Au.D. F-AAA, CCC-A, relies on her experience and training in pediatric audiology as well as keeping current with the advancements in technology, such as the use of real ear measures on every patient to assure amplification is exactly at the level it needs to be for best benefit and safety. In addition, we work closely with your child's ENT and speech-language pathologist providing thorough reports, explanation of services as well as expectations. We also provide educational consultation for help in planning your child's IEP for school.

We also keep it fun! Great color choices for hearing aids, ear molds, and swim plugs let your child personalize their choice in hearing aids. Games encourage participation in the diagnostic as well as follow-up processes. EVENING hours help keep your kids from missing any more school! And, again, we're here to support the entire family in the aural rehabilitation process.